Brett (skinnywhiteboy) wrote,


Been meaning to update for a while now.

I hung out with Jon, my old roomate, over the weekend. I was surprised to hear from him, but since I don't have many friends around here I figure I should hang out with him. Which was cool. We went to the saints game it sucked, they lost, but oh well.

I hate a lot of things. Why is this. Fuck I don't care.

I've been dreaming of having sex lately. I think I need to get laid, that would make me a very happy person. I'm still a little ticked about that chick I met a few months ago who turned out to be a real flake. Cause I actually liked her, yeah go figure. But oh well. Nothing I can do about that.

There will be others.

One of the things I hate: Going to bed this early, but I have to because of work. grrr.

Later biatches.
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