Brett (skinnywhiteboy) wrote,

It's been a while

Damn it's been a while since I updated. Been working a lot as usual. I had to go to the dentist last week, and I have to go again on tues and then probably again. I need my wisdom teeth pulled and some other crap. I guess that's what I get for not going in a while.

In Jan. I'm supposed to take a test at work and I get a pay raise. Which is cool cause then I can afford my own place. I get benefits too! woo!

I am so sick and tired of these damn Adam Sandler movies. Sure, there are some funny parts, but they're all the fucking same! He has a girlfriend, shes a total bitch. She breaks up with him. He's upset, he meets the girl of his dreams. She isn't that interested, he gets her interested. They start seeing each other. They fall in love. Some kind of misunderstanding happens that causes them to be upset with each other. They make up and live happily ever after. So no use in seeing his new movie, cause that's what will happen.

anyway, i'll see you all later, i got a family christmas party today.
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