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It's always funny until someone gets hurt [entries|friends|calendar]

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Happy Birthday to me! [07 Feb 2008|09:25am]
I am 28 years old today...wooo!!
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LSU - 2007 National Champions!! [09 Jan 2008|06:51pm]
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[12 Apr 2005|07:34pm]
My journal is Friends Only now.

If you want to be added, comment.
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[21 Mar 2005|09:33pm]
I just installed Mandrake Linux 10.1

It's really nice. I'm so glad this one comes with a media player.
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[09 Mar 2005|10:18pm]
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[16 Feb 2005|08:08pm]
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[09 Feb 2005|12:20pm]
Remember a few monts ago I had someone steal my SSN, birthday, etc... and they opened a credit card under my name? And he charged $3,000 on it.

Well yesterday I got a phone call from this lady getting ready to send collection agency to my house. It took me about 30 minutes to convince her that it was identity theft and the only credit card I have I spend about $40/month on. Well the bitch didn't believe me so I asked to speak to her supervisor and finally he believed me. Because the person who is charging up my account has moved to Texas and since I have never been to Texas in about 6 years, then its kinda obvious.

That person's address in Texas is:
2350 West Creek Ln.
Houston, TX 77027

His phone number is 251-721-7127....FEEL free to mail him some obscene stuff and feel free to prank call him at anytime. I might give him a call.
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[07 Feb 2005|08:56pm]
happy birthday to me!
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[01 Jan 2005|04:05pm]
Fuck you Iowa.
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[25 Dec 2004|11:49am]
Merry Christmas Everyone!
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It's been a while [12 Dec 2004|10:39am]
Damn it's been a while since I updated. Been working a lot as usual. I had to go to the dentist last week, and I have to go again on tues and then probably again. I need my wisdom teeth pulled and some other crap. I guess that's what I get for not going in a while.

In Jan. I'm supposed to take a test at work and I get a pay raise. Which is cool cause then I can afford my own place. I get benefits too! woo!

I am so sick and tired of these damn Adam Sandler movies. Sure, there are some funny parts, but they're all the fucking same! He has a girlfriend, shes a total bitch. She breaks up with him. He's upset, he meets the girl of his dreams. She isn't that interested, he gets her interested. They start seeing each other. They fall in love. Some kind of misunderstanding happens that causes them to be upset with each other. They make up and live happily ever after. So no use in seeing his new movie, cause that's what will happen.

anyway, i'll see you all later, i got a family christmas party today.
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long day [10 Dec 2004|12:15am]
man i had a long day today.

I'll post about it later, I have to go to bed.... stupid work!!
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[06 Dec 2004|06:57am]
Man it's december and the fucking AC is on. for christ sake.

I don't want to go to work, thank god I'm off on thursday.
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Finally [05 Dec 2004|11:15pm]
Been meaning to update for a while now.

I hung out with Jon, my old roomate, over the weekend. I was surprised to hear from him, but since I don't have many friends around here I figure I should hang out with him. Which was cool. We went to the saints game it sucked, they lost, but oh well.

I hate a lot of things. Why is this. Fuck I don't care.

I've been dreaming of having sex lately. I think I need to get laid, that would make me a very happy person. I'm still a little ticked about that chick I met a few months ago who turned out to be a real flake. Cause I actually liked her, yeah go figure. But oh well. Nothing I can do about that.

There will be others.

One of the things I hate: Going to bed this early, but I have to because of work. grrr.

Later biatches.
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[05 Dec 2004|02:06am]
I'm drunk again.

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I must leave it behind and climb to a new place now. [28 Nov 2004|02:11am]
I love Tool.
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[26 Nov 2004|06:53am]
Dammit I don't feel like working. Everyone I know is off today.
I'm working everyday next week, again.
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Happy Thanksgiving [25 Nov 2004|09:55pm]
Well today wasn't too bad. Went to my Aunt Becky's for dinner, stayed till around 4 or so. Nothing exciting happened.

I really dont wanna go to work tomrorrow.

Recent pics of my niece KailenCollapse )
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New email.... [21 Nov 2004|09:54pm]
I have a new email address...its shoulderdeepwithin@gmail.com

Thanks to clickito for the invite code!
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Reasons why not to get AOL [18 Nov 2004|06:41pm]
If you have AOL, please get rid of it. They really suck, and you can get much better service for cheaper prices. I have an AOL CD with me, and here are "The Top Ten Reasons to join AOL Optimized 9.0"
Anyone who knows anything about computers knows what kinda crap this is:

10. "NOW! E-mail Virus Protection included." - Geez, hotmail and yahoo, two free webmail services, had this for years now. It's about time you caught up aol!

9. "Fight popups! New tools now help block more pop-ups!" - Haha, 'new' tools. Hey, all you need to do is download Firefox (a much better browser than internet explorer) and that comes with a pop up blocker. Also, if you need IE, just download the google toolbar, and that comes with a pop up blocker.

8. "Free customer support 24/7" - Like all ISPs

7. "Customized email and messaging" - Whopadee shit. Hotmail is pretty customizable.

6. "Tools to fight spam e-mails. Over 500 billion blocked!" - Every email service has this! All my spam in hotmail gets put into a junk mail folder and its deleted automatically.

5. "Radio AOL and AOL Music - Ultimate Online Music" - Just download Windows Media Player and you have radio stations. Hell, shoutcast on winamp has radio stations. Once again, these are free services.

4. "Firewall protection included for High-Speed users" - Windows comes with a firewall. Plus, there are free firewalls you can get. Do you see a pattern here?

3. "Now more reliable connections anywhere" - You mean there weren't reliable connections?

2. Surf up to 5X faster with AOL TOP SPEED TECHNOLOGY - Just get Netzero same kinda thing, much cheaper.

1. 1099 Hours Free! - BLAH!

So, everything AOL offers you can for free somewhere else. Just get earthlink, it's the same price for much much better service.
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