Brett (skinnywhiteboy) wrote,

Reasons why not to get AOL

If you have AOL, please get rid of it. They really suck, and you can get much better service for cheaper prices. I have an AOL CD with me, and here are "The Top Ten Reasons to join AOL Optimized 9.0"
Anyone who knows anything about computers knows what kinda crap this is:

10. "NOW! E-mail Virus Protection included." - Geez, hotmail and yahoo, two free webmail services, had this for years now. It's about time you caught up aol!

9. "Fight popups! New tools now help block more pop-ups!" - Haha, 'new' tools. Hey, all you need to do is download Firefox (a much better browser than internet explorer) and that comes with a pop up blocker. Also, if you need IE, just download the google toolbar, and that comes with a pop up blocker.

8. "Free customer support 24/7" - Like all ISPs

7. "Customized email and messaging" - Whopadee shit. Hotmail is pretty customizable.

6. "Tools to fight spam e-mails. Over 500 billion blocked!" - Every email service has this! All my spam in hotmail gets put into a junk mail folder and its deleted automatically.

5. "Radio AOL and AOL Music - Ultimate Online Music" - Just download Windows Media Player and you have radio stations. Hell, shoutcast on winamp has radio stations. Once again, these are free services.

4. "Firewall protection included for High-Speed users" - Windows comes with a firewall. Plus, there are free firewalls you can get. Do you see a pattern here?

3. "Now more reliable connections anywhere" - You mean there weren't reliable connections?

2. Surf up to 5X faster with AOL TOP SPEED TECHNOLOGY - Just get Netzero same kinda thing, much cheaper.

1. 1099 Hours Free! - BLAH!

So, everything AOL offers you can for free somewhere else. Just get earthlink, it's the same price for much much better service.
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